As a congregation we strive to provide religious educational opportunities for all members of the congregation by offering classes that will assist their personal growth in their walk with our Lord, expanding their horizons, both personally and worldly.

Classes are open to everyone and all are welcome to join a us and bring their friends.

Sunday Church School

Rally Day, usually the second Sunday after Labor Day, kicks off the Sunday Church School year. Everyone from ages 1 to 100 is invited to meet for an intergenerational event of singing, meeting your teachers for the upcoming year, and of course, refreshments.  All are welcome! 

Sunday Church School begins the Sunday after Rally Day and runs through the Sunday before Memorial Day. Sunday School is held at 10:45 a.m., after the 9:30 a.m. worship service.

There are classes for children from pre-school through adults.

Lenten Study

Each Wednesday in Lent, after Lenten Vespers (which begins at 6:15 p.m.), there is an opportunity to gather for a Lenten Study led by Pastor Brenda Martin.  All are welcome.

Confirmation Class
Our goal for Confirmation ministry at Holy Trinity is the spiritual formation of life-long Christians. Such a goal is so much higher and important than simply fulfilling certain program requirements along the way. These goals and guidelines, however, work together to help each young person have his/her spiritual life formed by the Holy Spirit rather than the spirit of the age. Therefore, it’s important to be clear about what is happening and what’s expected from all those who are taking part. This process is not simply about adults imparting a treasured tradition to young people, but also helping them engage in the process themselves. 

First Holy Communion Class
There is no set age that a child can receive his or her First Holy Communion, but most children receive when they are in elementary school. First Holy Communion is the first time that they receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ by which our Lord is truly present to forgive sin and bring life and salvation.  

Preparation for First Holy Communion

Holy Trinity invites children to attend First Communion instruction. Classes are offered for parents and their children to learn about what communing with the Lord means and why it is an important part of our lives as followers of Jesus Christ. The classes are held in the season of Lent during the Sunday School hour. The celebration of first communion for the youth attending this class is at the 9:30 a.m. Easter worship.