Healing services

Our Lord Jesus healed many as a sign of the reign of God come near and sent the disciples to continue this work of healing — with prayer, the laying on of hands, and anointing. In the name of Christ, the great healer and reconciler of the world, we continue that work of healing. On the first Saturday of each month, at our 5:30 p.m. liturgy, people have the chance to be anointed with oil during prayers for healing. The healing rite is also offered at other times during the year.

Come and hear the words of this prayer:

Father in heaven, for Jesus’ sake, send your Holy Spirit upon your servant; drive away all sickness of body and spirit; make whole that which is broken; deliver her/him from the power of evil; and preserve her/him in true faith, to share in the power of Christ’s resurrection and to serve you with all the saints now and evermore. Amen.